September 7, 2009

Are Horoscopes Real?

When it comes to your love life, the future is in your hands on the 1st and 2nd. Do you stay or do you go? Do you ask them out or do you shy away? Do you just say, 'okay what the heck, nothing risked, nothing gained'? Or do you choose the path of least resistance? Well, only you can answer. And if you choose wrong the first time, then try, try again. After all, you've got all month to learn to take a risk. What? You still think you can have romance without putting your feelings on the line? On the 5th, you'll see the patent falsity of your way of thinking. Some heavy-duty emotions show you that you need to get serious about allowing yourself to be vulnerable. The 9th and 10th are your days. Only do things that are good for you. Put yourself ahead of everybody else. Give yourself a pat on the back, a rub on the tummy and kiss on the cheek. You deserve it! Why rush to the end when you could be enjoying the beginning on the 15th? By the 20th, you need to break free of tried and true. Try wild and crazy! Try totally unknown! Try a blind date. Set up by your best friend! Go big with your message on the 25th. Keep calm on the 30th.
--Yahoo! Horoscope

I don't personally believe in Horoscopes but I do not say anything negative about it at the same time. It was just last month and so as for this month when I started reading my horoscope for Career and Love. Maybe I'm playing with the geek girl side, I guess. :)

September 2, 2009.
I went to Club Dredd, Eastwood to give some of my time to help raise funds for Kuya Joey's baby, Yeoj. I know it'll be a little tiring but it will be really fulfilling because at the end of that event, I'll get to recall that once in my life, I became a productive individual and that I made a way to help those in need (lets just put it this way, I'm saying this 'cause I'm making myself believe from all the appreciative messages and comments that I personally receive from a lot of people connected with the event). Too flattering, I'm not used to it, though.

That night, there were 5 things that really scared me:
1. Obtaining less sales = less funds for Yeoj. =(
2. Companions might be pissed off - I'm afraid they'll get tired of selling the items.
3. Negative energy - People might tell me that it's better to watch the gig instead of selling.
4. Umagahin (and it happened! Haha.)
5. To see that guy again.

With Erin and Car.
I raise my glass to them. They were too supportive of the event, the items and me. I am really touched with their efforts of helping me out though I know they really want to see the bands to perform. They stayed with me from the time we arrived Dredd until the gig ended. You gals definitely rule. Hands down, Hats off.

Emy and I.
Aside from my bandmates, Emy (our newly acquired roadie) should also be given lots of credit. :) I know that she's the real excited one to watch the show but instead of going inside and mingle with her friends, she chose to stay with us and do the selling. I never expected that from her since it was just our second meeting. Haha! You are wonderfully great, Emy. :)

The Groupie is awake!
Call me whatever you like, it's just that I am indeed an OPM Band Fanatic and I am proud that I am one. This was the reward I gave myself after doing the selling. Little things are huge happiness to me! :D

Vince of Paraluman and me.
It was just last August 27 when I rocked out with Vince's band at Sazi's Bar. It was such a joy seeing him at Dredd though his band wasn't part of that gig's line up (on the second part at Mag:Net they'll be playing).

with Kuya Rye of 6CycleMind.
Met him a couple of times since I was a freshman. It was just these days when I got the chance to be a little close to him and his band. ;) And I want to commend him for buying an item for Yeoj. He's one great Kuya talaga.

with Philip aka Poleng
(I use to call him Poleng 'cause they say that he looks like Pauleen Luna, daw)
of Aurora.
He's my facebook chatmate and just met him twice as well. I'm just fascinated by the way he uses his guitar effects and by the way he strums his band's song. \m/

Celebrating 4 Years and Counting
Callalily was Yeoj's godfathers. I've been with these guys since 2005 and I never thought that the invisible bond will last this long. "Been there, done that" was the whole story of my journey with this bunch of guys. Too memorable but still I have to risk something to open another door for a better opportunity.

That's Alden and my hand. Emy took the shot. Makes me emotional when seeing this one. And seeing that he's using the Tote Bag he bought for Yeoj's benefit makes me more emotional.

Here's my original pal, Kean. We were classmates way back UST days and that's were the bond between us started. He's the ninong of the night. He's the main man that's why we got a little presentable fund collection. ;) Thanks, man!

Yeah. Tats and me. He's my first guy text and call mate (after graduating High School from an all-girl school) when I was in first year college. Pictures can fake emotions. My emotions are really stirred that moment. No Comment.

I've planned to lay down the friendship and the music before the event took it's place but I think the effectiveness won't be that fast. I need a couple of months and new more things to do for me to recover.

Many things are said. I need to shut my mouth now and end this sort of IDK blog post. Goodbye. =(