August 29, 2009

"Kamay" ng Aurora

Nagsimula ang lahat sa isang pangarap,
pangarap na inasam mula pa nung bata.
Hindi ko lang alam kung magkakaroon ng katuparan ang lahat.

Minsan, nananaginip ng gising.
Kinakausap ang sarili wari'y may katabi.
Hindi ko napapansin, lahat sila'y nakatingin sa akin.

Matagal na kitang minamahal,
may gusto lang sana akong patunayan.

Hawak ka sa aking mga kamay,
dadalhin kita sa mundo ng musika
kung san lahat nagsisigawan,
tuloy lang ang tugtugan.

Sige na, makisaya na
Kalimutan muna ang utang mo sa kanya.
Wag ka ng masindak, ituloy ang padyak hanggang umaga.


I don't usually write reviews or comments on songs unless it took or hit something off my emotions. So, obviously "Kamay" swept me off from my present path (on musicality).

I started listening to Aurora's songs since February this year when I heard them play at a gig at 70's Bistro (though I've heard their songs online before that gig and their bassist, Kuya Cookie Taylo had been an acquaintance when he played for Callalily when Aa's not around).

At first, you'll think that the song is a little Metal - tipong may growl o may scream. Mala-Kjwan or Philia. But it's actually a little different. It's more like a story with a climatic twist!

My favorite part in this song is its chorus. :) It reminds me too much of my loving bandmates. It helps me realize that when you're in an industry related to showbiz or claiming fame, a person or a group of person should hold on tight to their goals and do their best to achieve those. Laban lang!

Just like Kamay's chorus, to my bandmates...

August 28, 2009

The New Guardians

Last night Cariss and I celebrated our first year of friendship at our all-time tambayan, Sazi's Espana (that was formerly known as Mayrics).

We spent the night with good good music with our new found friends (if that would be the best and most appropriate term to use), Ate Catherine, Emy, Madz (the best dinner mate ever!), Vince, Philip and Kuya Kiko. We also celebrated it with our almost Kuya, Kuya RJ. :)

Last year, I am admitting that I'm the one liable for all tantrums that Cariss went into. Hahaha! But I think this year would be the other way around. Salamat sa tantrums DD! :)

Admitting the truth, it would be a little hard for me to move on from something deeper than addiction, deeper than commitment. I was with another bunch of people for almost four years and I think it's a tidious process to just let go of the bond (and the BAND I used to bond with before). But no matter how hard it may be, I am happy that I am letting go of the grip - kahit pa isa-isang daliri lang muna. :) Thanks for giving me another direction, Cariss. This is an entirely new environment for me (although banda rin naman, same management pa) but I believe that my life indeed needs massive improvement! Baka this is one good way to do so. :)

Cheers for the one year of solid rock hard adventure, music, love, friendship and sisterhood. More years to come dd! :)


A YEAR AGO [o8.29.o9]:
Cariss, Kean, Me, Tatsi celebrating Michael Jackson's 50th Bday at MOA. :)

This year. Meet the new guardians:
Me, Philip, Cariss and Kuya Kiko at our over favorite tambayan, Sazi's :)

August 21, 2009

No Title - Hoping it makes sense

It was indeed another tiring day for me. I woke up 7am (too late to watch UKG) then went to Manila with my parents. 7:40AM when we left Cavite. I didn't take anything for breakfast though I am aware of the big "fight" that I'll battle on at Divisoria. Haha!

Today, as all Filipinos commemorate the 26th Death Anniversary of the late Senator Benigno Aquino I took a small part to remember Ninoy in my own way. I wore Yellow the whole day and asked everyone to join the Yellow Hour by turning their hazard lights on. Even my Dad was shocked when he received my group message. Haha! :)

When we passed by Roxas Blvd and Manila City Hall, all was so yellow. It matches the clear blue skies that morning. My parents and I were actually listening to a certain program in AM radio that talks about Ninoy and his great acts when a drop of tear fell from my eye after hearing his recorded speech about saying NO.

The loss of Ninoy and so as his wife, Cory is a sad part of living that I can relate. I also lost my Grandmother last January and it was August 29 when she was stroked and made her totally bed-ridden. Making me too emotional when I can hear or watch things about these two great people and their family.

The pictures in this post are my shots when we were passing through Roxas Blvd. While I'm looking at the Ninoy and Cory images in the streets, the blueness of the skies made me think that all of those important people that aren't with us anymore might be happier and living an entire better life with the Lord today. They have made their part to change our lives and make us better individuals.

So to the Aquino family, I just pray that may all of you continue to be strong despite the loss of the former President and thank you very much for sharing Sen. Ninoy and Pres. Cory to every Filipino.

August 20, 2009


Cancer Woman & Libra Man
A Cancer woman and a Libra man have completely opposing characteristics. Nothing matches between the two, be it physical, emotional or psychological level. While he wants intellectual stability, she craves for emotional constancy. This does not mean that the Libra male is devoid of romance and love. But, his need for intellectual stimulation is greater. If the Cancer female makes an effort to instigate his romantic capabilities, things can definitely turn out to be wonderful. This love match demands lots of efforts and adjustments, on both sides, to be successful.

Libra-Cancer Compatibility
Cancer is easily hurt, unless the peace-loving Libra is provoked. Libra will appreciate Cancer's natural desire to love, and protect but sometimes will impose on the Cancerian's desire to give. Due to excess of emotions of Cancer, Libra's balance between emotions and reasons may be disturbed. The secret of heavenly happiness comes from complete captivating communication.

A Cancer girl cannot get well with a Libran man. She would be always nagging and crying an dfull of emotions. But the Libran man needs some peace and happiness that he shall go out in serach of true love.

Cancer Libra Compatibility Astrology

Cancer can't help but be caught up in Libran's many schemes and dreams. But eventually, the romantic bubble could well burst. They'll start to realise that it's no use dreaming without doing anything practical to turn these into reality. Cancer will want more than pie-in-the-sky imaginings.

They might tire of their Libran's “all talk and no action” attitude. They want and they need a more assertive and more sensual lover. They respect tradition and they are attracted to “old” things but the Libran might try and persuade them to have a more modern outlook on life. Both partners will enjoy sharing hobbies and activities in their home and Cancer likes to be surrounded by books, videos and their favourite CD's. However, whenever they share “romantic” moments, it could be that their tastes will differ slightly and somehow the moment just never seems right.

--got it from different internet write ups


I'm not a fan of Astrology or even a believer of these Zodiac sign matches... But there's one thing that made me ask myself so I started to research on Librans.

Born between September 22 to October 24 are Librans and the only symbol that is represented by an inanimate object rather that an animal or person.

I dont know what exact characteristics does people under the Libra sign have pero I think I'm falling for a new person under this sign. Geez! This is not normal. I must redefine LOVE and ADMIRATION. I know these two are too different from one another (com'on mind! Work!)

Too much thinking. I have to rest now. Good night world.

August 19, 2009

On Jiggy's chat at SunStar

SunStar moderators told us that they'll be writing about the chat but I can't stop myself to blog the fun experience. :) Don't worry, this will be on a personal perspective only. :)

SunStar said that the chat would start 9:30PM. I checked my login at 7PM but I only saw 2 people online so I decided to log out and check back after an hour. I fell asleep while my cousin's scolding me again (hindi daw nga kasi ako natutulog on time). To my shock, Jiggy Cruz was already answering questions. I went in to that chat battle without any prepared formal question. Pagkakataon na sana 'to na makipagusap at malaman ang opinion ng isang prominenteng tao tulad niya - kaya lang, flooded masyado.

No offense meant to all the chatters in SunStar pero I noticed that the moderators had a hard time making all of us cooperate and understand the rules. Uso talaga ang mga pasaway. I thought those things only happen on Grand Chat Days of bands (groupie speaking here) pero ganun din pala kahit sa isang prominent personality. However, I cannot blame them... baka nadala ng excitement.

It was a real fun night at SunStar. Thanks to Jiggy Cruz for being so patient to answer all of our questions in the chat a while ago. To all the moderators of SunStar chat for doing your best to keep the session at a normal pace. Kudos to all of you!

PS. Salamat kay Jiggy, he spelled my nickname correctly. :) [babaw ko]

August 17, 2009

Catching up

The second part (I told you, I really suck at blogging today).

It was like a month ago when I went out with my bandmates/friends/sisters (hindi nga lang kami kumpleto) and that was to celebrate my 20th. Well on the positive side, I should be grateful that we got to catch up with each other again - though not musically.

I started my day by walking around Power Plant Mall to lurk on somethings. IDK - my feet just brought me there. Then I left after taking my delayed breakfast. I was thinking twice on where I exactly want to go that afternoon (badly caught up with three mighty choices - making me real gaga!) - Fort, MOA or Magnet High Street (same, still The Fort).

4PM when I arrived at MOA (obviously, I picked it above the other options) and I waited for my friends. It was 5PM when Cariss arrived and then, we just stroll around. It was a real good afternoon 'cause there was nothing that I really know that day aside from the fact that I missed them so bad. Haha! Emo. :D

It was almost 7PM when Erin came. What's new? Vocalists always makes the crowd wait. Haha! And the bonus thing, she came in with her younger sib (so we have a baby that night).

Wala na. I can't think of anything na. Mentally-blocked. Go see my multiply for the whole pic stuff. Im off to sleep. x_x

i am really in love with my shirt. :)

August 16, 2009

Big Screen Chronicles

Part 1 of 2. Haha. I just don't know how to organize my stupid thoughts right now that's why I'm splitting the whole story into two.

I went to the Pinoy Friendster Day yesterday at MOA with my bandmates, Erin and Car (plus Erin's younger sis). This was not my original plan, though. I'm just happy to see them again after a month. Haha! I saw couple of other people that I haven't seen for a very long time! Thank God for the catch up moments! :D

What I really missed is the super sparkling 7PM MOA fireworks and the feedback of the guitar amps. Ahw. How I wish to play with my band again (sob)...

Anyway, I just blogged to congratulate Paraluman and Callalily for playing a good set of songs! You guys left me with awe. Haha! I'm serious... di lang halata. And also, I really want to arbor Alden's Ninoy-Cory Shirt! Hahaha!

I'm typing this blog for like 1 hour already and it's still senseless. Haha. Silly me. However (again), Kean's version of Nobody (Wonder Girls) is also attached. That's from a very far perspective. I didn't get in with my friends, so hot sa venue.

August 14, 2009

Dear Emily

Happy weekends to all workaholics there! :)

I'm praying and hoping for a good sleep tonight but I think I'll fail to achieve that one (I have a rush shirt order for pick up tomorrow afternoon).

I dunno what to say. My mind's screaming for rest na kasi eh. Thanks to my ever reliable ipod... helping me to regain sanity (but the songs make me an emo). Haha!

NP: Emily (originally by Paraluman) - Kean's Version.

The sun has set and the gray sky fade in blue
Been wanting to say goodbye but it leads me back to you
And the rain starts to fall down
As I watch the stars crash into the night
I wish I could turn, turn back the hands of time

As I pick up all the pieces that you have left behind
My heart bleeds your smile and my soul starts to die

Now I'm screaming I'm shouting I can't hear a thing
My eyes burn and blister I can't feel the pain
I don't know why I'm here

LETTING GO IS THE MOST GRRRR PART OF BEING IN LOVE... makes us cry, it makes us feel stupid, it hurts us and most of all, it really kills (sob).

August 13, 2009

Short Circuit

Much more of a routine, I started my day at the shop with Paraluman's 911 (that's off their cd In Lab) while I set myself up for printing the shirt designs and threw them off the heat press and finish the orders for pick up this afternoon. So that is actually, the "ngaragan" time. Haha!

Then came two disastrous events:
1. Shop's main switch burned itself out. At hindi ko namalayan yun! While I'm working on with one of the shirts, all electrical supplies in the shop stopped working, even the lights turned off. Akala ko horror story. Haha! I even thought it was a black out in the area. But, obviously I'm wrong.

The electrician said, it's because the 30 something (I forgot the term for that black cartridge-like thing from the main switch box) of the main switch cannot accommodate the flow of the energy needed by the heat press that's why it burnt itself up. Haha.

Great! Despite the hotness and the darkness I experienced, at least nothing bad happened.

2. I'm torn. I want to use Naruto's Kagebunshin (if I spelled that one correctly) Technique so that I can make another me for Saturday. Haha! The whole thing was that, Steph, a friend way back Elementary got my number from someone (haha. that's a long story, don't mind it) and she wanted to order a couple shirt from me sana... that was the original reason of her communication re-establishment. But after some kamustahan, I told her that I'm sort of into photography and digital arts (and, damn great thing, I even let her see my newest edited pic! hahaha. Shame on me) and then she started to say, "Hey, want to come with me on Saturday sa The Fort... Let's just get pictures of the place." That was the original plan. And that was for morning. But after a day, she texted me and was so eager to go to The Fort by 8PM on Saturday hoping that she can be able to see her ultimate crush, Mark Nelson (com'on Steph, pilitin mo pa ko... so that I could see my ultimate crush too *blush blush*).

Now, here's the other thing... I was set to go to MOA on the same day (probably by the afternoon), for Pinoy Friendster Day. I even printed my pass already. Haha! Honestly, I really want to go there but it seems like my whole individuality is craving for something new. Nagsawa na ata sa buhay rockstar.

To quote someone, "I'm getting old and I need someone to rely on". But the catch is.. who and where would I meet that someone. At saka, OA lang. 20 lang kaya ako. Haha!

Oh, BTW, I had designed a shirt (but I won't be posting the real shirt muna). I dunno if I'm serious with what it says, but hell... I think I will be.. soon.

PS. I hate it.. I can't post pics. Hahaha! :)

August 12, 2009

Complicated Entrepreneur's Life

It's almost 5 days of insufficient sleep for me.

There are times that I just want to break down and cry the stress 'til my eyes shout that there's no more tears to flow. Haha. What a silly thought? As if that would happen (when did the eyes learn how to shout? that's creepy).

I had 7 shirt orders last Monday, then I went to Divisoria with my mom to deal with the suppliers. When I got back to my shop, I started doing the layouts for the orders (since all of those will be picked-up on Friday). I finished the entire stuff before office hours end (still have to close the shop by 6pm). Kudos to me for doing the layout a bit faster than the usual. Haha!

When I got home (that's 20 minutes tricycle ride from the shop), my childhood friend, Leis told me that she'll be ordering some shirts for Friday pick up too (so, this is a rush work). Thank God she already have a layout for the shirt. Whew!

However, inquiries come in any time... Phones ringing at no definite time and I have to text every now and then just to cater to the inquiries. Happy thing, though. But sometimes, it scares me a lot having my numbers, email add and some other personal info in the web. I have the "stalker trauma".

I just wish they contact me for business only and not to know the real deal with me and this OPM Band. Haha. Nuff. Too much had been said.

*Closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Shoot. It's already 2AM!*


August 11, 2009

Text Brigade

Today was really hectic - I woke up 10AM ('cause I went to bed 5AM) then went in our shop to meet up with a customer, 2 in the afternoon. After catering to her orders, I went in to fix the scanner at our shop (I can't get the root of my "workaholicness" these past few days). Afterwards, I went to Lotus Mall and asked Ate Monique of TriBand to print several tarpaulins for the shop (and my new product line) then, I went to SM Bacoor to apply for an internet connection at our shop.

And now.. 1AM again. Im still awake, waiting for my mind to juice up for ideas when a sudden snap went in my brain cells... Texting is unlimited, so why not try...

Because I'm inspired with Jiggy Cruz's dedication to encourage everyone to vote, I sent an sms to all my contacts to entise them about registering and voting. Here it goes:

"Hey, I'm encouraging everyone to register for the upcoming elections. Just one way where we can continue the democratic legacy that former President Corazon Aquino left.

Simple lang naman magpa-register eh. Compared to the hardships that President Cory made for the whole nation, di ba?


Hoping that this would work.

Some are asking me, why I'm doing this... First, my dad works at COMELEC. And I was born to his opinions during registration and the election itself. Second, I want everyone especially the youth to exercise their right to vote for the person that they think can make a very big improvement for our country. And lastly, reading Jiggy Cruz's blogs regarding his lola reminds me of my Lola who also passed away a couple of months back. I know the feeling of an apo who wants to continue what their grandparent/s had started, and I'm in that same position like him. :)

I just hope it reaches everyone. :)

August 9, 2009

The Game

I was really upset this morning when mom woke me up 5am and told me to eat breakfast with my younger sib (will attend his class) and my dad (needs to report to work).

"Ang aga pa kaya." I told my mom then I covered my entire face with my pillow.

If my plans worked, I should be spending my after at SM Megamall and lurking about the latest with the comics scene (been a comic fanatic when I was young but the last one that I religiously read was Archie, Jughead and Betty & Veronica). I thought this might be one good way for me to remember my old goodie tweetum days while unwinding from the stress of putting up your own business. Whew! That's really STRESS.

Howevs, the plan failed (just wish I could go out and unwind tomorrow... I mean, later). Why? Because my mom told me that we need to go to Divisoria to get shirts and other stuffs from our suppliers so that I could post the designs in our online store by Monday morning. Aargh. I don't have a choice (sob).

We spent the whole day there, buying this and that. Really tiring (and now while I'm doing layouts, my head drops down by the table all by its self).

Well, what can I say? I chose this way of life. Instead of dealing with the field I should be in (which is Marketing & AdProm), I risked the so-called, "CAREER" for me to test my determination, passion and skills - that's why I put up my own business. Regrets do come once in a while but honestly, I don't want it to sink through my head. Haha! It may sound as a cliche but... IT'S MIND OVER MATTER, baby!

No matter how hard it is, I still need to fight. Ginusto ko 'to e (but of course, no matter how strong my will is, I still need to rest. I'm awake again for nearly 24 hours, again).

My mind is still making up great and new ideas and I still want to continue working on with the layouts, templates, costing computations, tarp designs but...

....tiredness conquered the game. I lose with a failing heart and a dumb mind. =(

August 7, 2009

Chapter Whatever

I remember the time when I told a friend that love is just like a chapter of our lives and being compared to a story book, love can be the climax or the turning point of a story.

Falling in love isn't an easy thing nor a permanent good and blissful thing. Some love stories end up happily while others end up the other way around or at times, it's much more like a ferris wheel or a merry-go-round - paikot-ikot lang.

I'm not good with the so-called, "love" (maybe because I have a SO COLD love life), but I know where love and admiration differs, except these past few days whereas most of my friends think that I'm getting crazy, desperate and manic depressive (oh com'on, this is a new mania). Here comes confusion baby!

I told my cousin about this matter, kung bakit hindi ko na naman madifferentiate ang admiration from love. So she made her sermon:

"Wag kang mag-assume at wag mo ring bigyan ng kulay ang sinabi, kinikilos o pinapakita ng isang tao sa'yo dahil once na totally fallen ka na tapos yun pala wala lang lahat sa kanya, ikaw at walang iba ang masasaktan."

My mind went bananas. She just rephrased the sermon she used a couple of months back when I asked her about my stupidity regarding love. What to do? What to do?

I thought of that person again before I took a nap earlier today. Ano ba kasing meron sya at nakaka-hook sya ng bongga? I haven't met him in my entire life but why does it feels this way? Why am I finding out lots of commonalities between the two of us (and why am I making myself believe with... nah, never mind)?

I don't know if I'm making sense. Ganito lang talaga ako.

Your name is my name, your last name is a ballpen.
You're red, you're blue and I'll forever adore you.
Your face is much of a treasure, 'cause your hiding it with colors.
You're fast and I cannot take a glimpse of you 'cause I'm walking real slow.
I want to know you more but how can I do so... have the blood of a superhero.

Hachoo. That's why this is chapter whatever... A phase of my life that makes me say, "Whatever!!!"

Photo Credits to : Flickr

True Love

I received this message thru SMS from Reina, I find it really amazing so I decided to share it to planet web. :)

PRESIDENT CORY AQUINO died AUGUST 1, 2009 at 3:18AM. That's 08-01-2009 3:18.
Now, remove all zeros and put the numbers together that would result to 8129318.
Rearrange the numbers and that would be 8-21-1983 or AUGUST 21, 1983 - the day when SENATOR NINOY AQUINO died.


I say, TRUE LOVE. <3>

August 6, 2009


Still a rainy day. I wonder why typhoon Kiko went back to our country. I just hope it won't cause too much disaster to our country ('yun nga lang, suspended na nga ang Elementary and High school in some Metro Manila areas).

Now, I'm here sitting in my bed with my laptop, phones, digicam and blanket as I do my routinized stuff this week - to manage an event and I'm experiencing severe information block. Haha!

So while I'm gasping my Broca for ideas (haha, go back to human anatomy), I'm buying friends over my FFS application at FB (and oh my! my wifi got disconnected).

I don't know what to say next... it's just that it's cold, I'm sleepy but I have to work.


August 5, 2009

Aiea faces

While I'm resting from the toxic event planning, I lurked over Jiggy Cruz's blogs and saw this interesting thingy (I don't know if this is a sort of *chain message* thing).

1. A picture of me in my room (I'm not really sleeping, I just posed.)

2. A picture of me drunk (and still getting drunk!)
3. A picture of me on my birthday (my latest birthday!)
4. Youngest picture I have in digital form.
5. A picture of me in one of my favorite outfits.
6. A picture of me making a goofy face
7. An edited picture of me (I have lots of this type, but I'll pick my favorite)
8. A picture of a night I regret
9. A picture of me being myself
10. My most recent picture
11. A picture of me being absolutely ridiculous
12. A picture of me showing off my new haircut
13. A picture of a time in my life that's over but I wish it wasn't
14. A picture of a time in my life that's over and I'm glad it is
15. A picture of a time when I was anything but happy (in gay lingo, ECHOS!)
16. A picture of me I had no idea was being taken
17. A picture of me when I was a different person than I am now
18. A picture of me with someone I love
19. A picture of how I want the world to see me (hahaha. i usually kill... cockroaches. :D)
20. A picture of me on how I'd like to spend everyday
21. A picture of a time when everything was changing
22. A picture that makes my heart hurt
23. A picture that makes my heart smile (2 of my goodie good college friends)
24. A picture of one of the best days of my life

HAHA. it's really fun (and it gave me headache thinking which would be appropriate)!

The List:
1. a picture of you in your room
2. a picture of your very drunk
3. a picture of you on your birthday, or your favorite holiday
4. the youngest picture you can find of yourself in digital form.
5. a picture of you in one of your favorite outfits.
6. a picture of you making a goofy face at the camera
7. a picture you might have edited to make yourself more attractive
8. a picture of a night you regret
9. a picture of you being truly yourself
10. your most recent picture.
11. a picture of you being absolutely ridiculous.
12. a picture of you showing off a new haircut / color
13. a picture of a time in your life that's over, but you wish it wasn't
14. a picture of a time in your life that's over, and you couldn't be more thankful that it is.
15. a picture of you when you were anything but happy
16. a picture of you that you had no idea was being taken
17. a picture of you when you were a different person than you are now.
18. a picture of you with someone you love.
19. a picture of how you'd like the world to see you.
20. a picture that describes how you'd like to spend every day.
21. a picture of a time when everything was changing.
22. a picture that makes your heart hurt.
23. a picture that makes your heart smile
24. a picture of one of your best days / nights of your life

Try it as well! :D

Welcome to Blogspot, Sunshine. :)

I'm warmly welcoming myself to my new blogspot account (i forgot the email and password that I used couple of years back *sigh*) - that's why I'm posting pictures and some stuffs for the second time around.

Going random...

...SUNSHINE. rain never stopped falling for these past few days. :(

...SUNSET. com'on dearie! if there's no sunshine, most probably there's no sunshine.

...GUITAR AMPS FEED BACKS. i want to play at gigs again and i wanna watch gigs again!


...MORE SOUP. my cousin, Ate Venus made some soup for us to eat while watching Pres. Cory's funeral rites by our television.

...BLANKET. izzo cold.

...TO SLEEP. been working almost 20 hours for an event *insert puffed eyes here*.


...INDIAN SUMMER. com'on!