November 2, 2009

All Saints' and All Souls'

October 31, 2009 and November 2, 2009
Providence Memorial Gardens, Dasma
First November without my lola. :(

Flowers for our beloved Lola Clara.

A picture of my brother and I.
I can't remember our last picture together. Haha!

I am enjoying a Nestle Ice Cream. :)
The yummiest Chocolate Pinipig Ice Cream, evurrrr! :)

My brother, Karlo and my almost sister, Sara.
Enjoying their Ice creams. ^_^

LOLAAAAAAAA. I miss you.

My brother and the gray clouds

My cousin, Ate Vhie and me.

Ate, Sara and Karlo

Mom and Sara

Dad and Sara

That's Mom's hand playing with the candle remnants...
...but we believed that Lola held her hand as you can see.

Brother and I

Si Karlo ba 'to o si RJ? hahaha. :))

I effin' miss my lola.

Oh, BTW, I still have loads of pics at my multiply. ^_^