July 5, 2010

Followers, followers.

And I have to deal with them again. :)

It's not a bad thing, really... They help me boost up my morale and make me feel like I always belong (though I am 101% sure that it's not really me that they're following, but my updates ^_^). Tumblog was cobwebs now, got trapped with 13 followers (I think, not all those who loves the news are using Tumblr already). Blogger has 3 stagnant followers (I know I'm senseless, I'm lame. Hahaha!). Typepad with a thousand hits (because I blogged opposing those people who thinks that Callalily doesn't deserver to be Paramore's Front Act for their Philippine tour last March) and hell yeah, I gained tons of dissers. The F!

Plurk, Twitter, Facebook and Multiply didn't let those stuff outshine them. As far as I can remember, after June 25 (or make that, after my name started to appear in the HDA Facebook Fan Page), people started to add me up and follow me. It's a happy yet traumatic thing. Haha.

Most of them thinks that I'm doing this because I failed to reach a dream. Some says, because I always want to be the talk of the town. But the most sensible thought that someone told me,

"Hayaan mo sila, you want to express what you want e, so let it be. If they can't take that you're for another group, hayaan mo silang malusaw sa inggit. Kasi sa totoo lang, they're hating you because you can be with the guys that they also want to be with... di lang nila magawa."
-Anonymous (wag ng idisclose kung sino, madamay pa)

Yeah. Don't get me wrong. I didn't left (or abandoned, as they may say) anyone. It's just that, in some point, merong usapin ng prayoridad. If you feel like you've already done your job, you have to look for another mission in life. Hindi uso ang petiks ngayon.

Ciao! :)