July 12, 2010

Looking forward for Breaking Dawn I

I had been a Twilight Saga follower ever since it started as the talk of the town in our classroom way back senior days with 4M5 (UST Marketing Class, Batch 2009). I religiously browsed the net for the saga's ebook copies since I cannot afford to buy the books (kahit yung softbound lang). Luckily, I was able to read Twilight (the 1st book) on the actual basis since my friend, Jenny lend me her new book a week after she bought it. That was of the start of my vampiric cravings for the story.

I watched the Twilight movie with my school, dorm and band friends at Trinoma, luckily hitting the last full show, or so I thought. I was for Edward that time - since he badly makes me remember someone due to his traits and of course, having an image about that dazzling vampire boy from the pages of the book. And most important of all, I was able to see, touch and be amused with the real Volvo C30 in front of me. ♥

Due to several commitments and to the honest boredom of New Moon (the 2nd book because of Edward Cullen's absence in the story), I stopped reading the series and started to grow cobwebs in the ebook downloads in my laptop for almost two-three months.

I resigned from work, started my business and reapplied for another job. 'twas the 1st week of work when New Moon was showed and just like the 1st part, i never let it pass. I dragged my cousin at SM Bacoor and hit the last full show as I boxed out for large popcorn and gigantic Sarsi since it would be my first meal of that day.

I never get the chance to read the saga again. I am aware that it's inside the file folder, but I never dared to open it again. I don't know why. After New Moon, I was totally dazed by Jacob's grace - physically and the attitude as well. I was initially doomed by the flaring personality of Mr. Cullen but then, I don't know what happened. After being inclined to the cold-blooded, blood sucking, immortal man... I started to crave for someone hot...er.

Then came July 2010, ending the long wait for Eclipse, the third installment. I failed to watch it on the 1st week of screening because of my work schedule (and my friends' too). But last night, I ended the agony. I watch the movie with some friends at Gateway as I patch some things in my family life (that's what made me appreciate the film more). I was hoping that this would turn my thoughts back to Edward but I was having a wrong thought. I never removed my gaze from Jacob... and with his more arrogant attitude in this movie, just like what happened in Twilight, he reminded me so much of a person who told me that he's sure enough that I'll think of him because of Jacob (and he is definitely correct on that).

I'm looking forward to the first part of Breaking Dawn, since it has been rumored that it will come in two parts. I'm not sure if I will wake up the Bella in me, wanting the cold-blooded man who will be 18 years of age forever that described to be as her life or will I stay longing for warmth with that hot guy (I mean, hot-blooded guy) who can make her live normally giving her all the human experiences in an easier way.

Oh... so hard to think about. And before I end, let me tell you, I am about to start reading Breaking Dawn with the ♥ ... again.

TEAM JACOB... as of now.