July 4, 2010

Laptop worked overtime.

Oh, it's nice to be back! I badly missed the blogger stuff and after few months of deactivating it, I decided to go back and do the revive stuff! So, for 2010's 2nd half, let me share a note post from my Facebook about the first half of my 2010:

I ended the first half of the year with a newly discovered music genre called, Geeks Rock. I know I was really into rock - all types of rock (including rock-a-bye baby), but there's something with Geeks Rock that separates it from the usual forms of rock (ano to, sedimentary, igneous? ganon?)... All I am working with now is realizing what is that exact separating characteristic (I know it's unique, but it's not enough to satisfy my neurons to stop working), a few more days would do. :)

Oh well, because of the search... My laptop works overtime for me since it plays (and stores) all the happy stuff. My mp3 player is acting up and my ipod is somewhere in my bags that I can't find. Haha! So that's the reason why the laptop is working too much for me this past few days.

To cut the crap, I am currently overdosing myself from sleep plus a great type of music on the background. A new-found band (new found kasi kakakita ko lang sa kanila, tapos bago talaga lahat. anlabo ko, deym), Happy Days Ahead, had released their debut album called, Home Recordings at the Marilyn Mansion. Never had a chance to check the whole album on a serious manner 'cause I always end up sleeping while having it on repeat mode (thanks to the windows media center hahaha). It was just now that I had the time to sit down, hug my pillow and listen to the cd in the most serious way I can do.

So let me do the babbling now. Hahaha.

1. To Mara, Winter and Sheena. Who ever they were, they are luckiest girls in this planet. I swear.
2. The Happy Homesick Blues - the song in the album that really made me stop, open the files and check the lyrics. I wonder why children (most likely the first-born) feels the same way (in some point of our lives) - that we are always not enough. It's really sad. I mean, I know how it feels, yet I don't know how to overcome it.. might be the theme song of my life, so far. Haha!
3. See - the song seemed to be like an eye-opener for me. Well, for some personal reasons, it seems like a super one-sided love story to my ears. The girl likes someone who doesn't care much about her while there's another guy who likes the girl, but the girl is so blinded with her one-sided love story. Just made me think, "BAKIT LAGING GANUN, YUNG GUSTO MO AYAW SAYO AT YUNG MAY GUSTO SAYO, MINSAN AYAW MO."

Well, I don't know if my mind's on the right track as I understand these songs or maybe, there's just some experiences that haunts me and I accidentally associated those with the songs. Haha! O baka naman... it proves that:

"As you can see, everyone you meet is just another you and me " -Of Earth.