August 20, 2009


Cancer Woman & Libra Man
A Cancer woman and a Libra man have completely opposing characteristics. Nothing matches between the two, be it physical, emotional or psychological level. While he wants intellectual stability, she craves for emotional constancy. This does not mean that the Libra male is devoid of romance and love. But, his need for intellectual stimulation is greater. If the Cancer female makes an effort to instigate his romantic capabilities, things can definitely turn out to be wonderful. This love match demands lots of efforts and adjustments, on both sides, to be successful.

Libra-Cancer Compatibility
Cancer is easily hurt, unless the peace-loving Libra is provoked. Libra will appreciate Cancer's natural desire to love, and protect but sometimes will impose on the Cancerian's desire to give. Due to excess of emotions of Cancer, Libra's balance between emotions and reasons may be disturbed. The secret of heavenly happiness comes from complete captivating communication.

A Cancer girl cannot get well with a Libran man. She would be always nagging and crying an dfull of emotions. But the Libran man needs some peace and happiness that he shall go out in serach of true love.

Cancer Libra Compatibility Astrology

Cancer can't help but be caught up in Libran's many schemes and dreams. But eventually, the romantic bubble could well burst. They'll start to realise that it's no use dreaming without doing anything practical to turn these into reality. Cancer will want more than pie-in-the-sky imaginings.

They might tire of their Libran's “all talk and no action” attitude. They want and they need a more assertive and more sensual lover. They respect tradition and they are attracted to “old” things but the Libran might try and persuade them to have a more modern outlook on life. Both partners will enjoy sharing hobbies and activities in their home and Cancer likes to be surrounded by books, videos and their favourite CD's. However, whenever they share “romantic” moments, it could be that their tastes will differ slightly and somehow the moment just never seems right.

--got it from different internet write ups


I'm not a fan of Astrology or even a believer of these Zodiac sign matches... But there's one thing that made me ask myself so I started to research on Librans.

Born between September 22 to October 24 are Librans and the only symbol that is represented by an inanimate object rather that an animal or person.

I dont know what exact characteristics does people under the Libra sign have pero I think I'm falling for a new person under this sign. Geez! This is not normal. I must redefine LOVE and ADMIRATION. I know these two are too different from one another (com'on mind! Work!)

Too much thinking. I have to rest now. Good night world.