August 21, 2009

No Title - Hoping it makes sense

It was indeed another tiring day for me. I woke up 7am (too late to watch UKG) then went to Manila with my parents. 7:40AM when we left Cavite. I didn't take anything for breakfast though I am aware of the big "fight" that I'll battle on at Divisoria. Haha!

Today, as all Filipinos commemorate the 26th Death Anniversary of the late Senator Benigno Aquino I took a small part to remember Ninoy in my own way. I wore Yellow the whole day and asked everyone to join the Yellow Hour by turning their hazard lights on. Even my Dad was shocked when he received my group message. Haha! :)

When we passed by Roxas Blvd and Manila City Hall, all was so yellow. It matches the clear blue skies that morning. My parents and I were actually listening to a certain program in AM radio that talks about Ninoy and his great acts when a drop of tear fell from my eye after hearing his recorded speech about saying NO.

The loss of Ninoy and so as his wife, Cory is a sad part of living that I can relate. I also lost my Grandmother last January and it was August 29 when she was stroked and made her totally bed-ridden. Making me too emotional when I can hear or watch things about these two great people and their family.

The pictures in this post are my shots when we were passing through Roxas Blvd. While I'm looking at the Ninoy and Cory images in the streets, the blueness of the skies made me think that all of those important people that aren't with us anymore might be happier and living an entire better life with the Lord today. They have made their part to change our lives and make us better individuals.

So to the Aquino family, I just pray that may all of you continue to be strong despite the loss of the former President and thank you very much for sharing Sen. Ninoy and Pres. Cory to every Filipino.