August 11, 2009

Text Brigade

Today was really hectic - I woke up 10AM ('cause I went to bed 5AM) then went in our shop to meet up with a customer, 2 in the afternoon. After catering to her orders, I went in to fix the scanner at our shop (I can't get the root of my "workaholicness" these past few days). Afterwards, I went to Lotus Mall and asked Ate Monique of TriBand to print several tarpaulins for the shop (and my new product line) then, I went to SM Bacoor to apply for an internet connection at our shop.

And now.. 1AM again. Im still awake, waiting for my mind to juice up for ideas when a sudden snap went in my brain cells... Texting is unlimited, so why not try...

Because I'm inspired with Jiggy Cruz's dedication to encourage everyone to vote, I sent an sms to all my contacts to entise them about registering and voting. Here it goes:

"Hey, I'm encouraging everyone to register for the upcoming elections. Just one way where we can continue the democratic legacy that former President Corazon Aquino left.

Simple lang naman magpa-register eh. Compared to the hardships that President Cory made for the whole nation, di ba?


Hoping that this would work.

Some are asking me, why I'm doing this... First, my dad works at COMELEC. And I was born to his opinions during registration and the election itself. Second, I want everyone especially the youth to exercise their right to vote for the person that they think can make a very big improvement for our country. And lastly, reading Jiggy Cruz's blogs regarding his lola reminds me of my Lola who also passed away a couple of months back. I know the feeling of an apo who wants to continue what their grandparent/s had started, and I'm in that same position like him. :)

I just hope it reaches everyone. :)