August 16, 2009

Big Screen Chronicles

Part 1 of 2. Haha. I just don't know how to organize my stupid thoughts right now that's why I'm splitting the whole story into two.

I went to the Pinoy Friendster Day yesterday at MOA with my bandmates, Erin and Car (plus Erin's younger sis). This was not my original plan, though. I'm just happy to see them again after a month. Haha! I saw couple of other people that I haven't seen for a very long time! Thank God for the catch up moments! :D

What I really missed is the super sparkling 7PM MOA fireworks and the feedback of the guitar amps. Ahw. How I wish to play with my band again (sob)...

Anyway, I just blogged to congratulate Paraluman and Callalily for playing a good set of songs! You guys left me with awe. Haha! I'm serious... di lang halata. And also, I really want to arbor Alden's Ninoy-Cory Shirt! Hahaha!

I'm typing this blog for like 1 hour already and it's still senseless. Haha. Silly me. However (again), Kean's version of Nobody (Wonder Girls) is also attached. That's from a very far perspective. I didn't get in with my friends, so hot sa venue.