August 19, 2009

On Jiggy's chat at SunStar

SunStar moderators told us that they'll be writing about the chat but I can't stop myself to blog the fun experience. :) Don't worry, this will be on a personal perspective only. :)

SunStar said that the chat would start 9:30PM. I checked my login at 7PM but I only saw 2 people online so I decided to log out and check back after an hour. I fell asleep while my cousin's scolding me again (hindi daw nga kasi ako natutulog on time). To my shock, Jiggy Cruz was already answering questions. I went in to that chat battle without any prepared formal question. Pagkakataon na sana 'to na makipagusap at malaman ang opinion ng isang prominenteng tao tulad niya - kaya lang, flooded masyado.

No offense meant to all the chatters in SunStar pero I noticed that the moderators had a hard time making all of us cooperate and understand the rules. Uso talaga ang mga pasaway. I thought those things only happen on Grand Chat Days of bands (groupie speaking here) pero ganun din pala kahit sa isang prominent personality. However, I cannot blame them... baka nadala ng excitement.

It was a real fun night at SunStar. Thanks to Jiggy Cruz for being so patient to answer all of our questions in the chat a while ago. To all the moderators of SunStar chat for doing your best to keep the session at a normal pace. Kudos to all of you!

PS. Salamat kay Jiggy, he spelled my nickname correctly. :) [babaw ko]