August 7, 2009

Chapter Whatever

I remember the time when I told a friend that love is just like a chapter of our lives and being compared to a story book, love can be the climax or the turning point of a story.

Falling in love isn't an easy thing nor a permanent good and blissful thing. Some love stories end up happily while others end up the other way around or at times, it's much more like a ferris wheel or a merry-go-round - paikot-ikot lang.

I'm not good with the so-called, "love" (maybe because I have a SO COLD love life), but I know where love and admiration differs, except these past few days whereas most of my friends think that I'm getting crazy, desperate and manic depressive (oh com'on, this is a new mania). Here comes confusion baby!

I told my cousin about this matter, kung bakit hindi ko na naman madifferentiate ang admiration from love. So she made her sermon:

"Wag kang mag-assume at wag mo ring bigyan ng kulay ang sinabi, kinikilos o pinapakita ng isang tao sa'yo dahil once na totally fallen ka na tapos yun pala wala lang lahat sa kanya, ikaw at walang iba ang masasaktan."

My mind went bananas. She just rephrased the sermon she used a couple of months back when I asked her about my stupidity regarding love. What to do? What to do?

I thought of that person again before I took a nap earlier today. Ano ba kasing meron sya at nakaka-hook sya ng bongga? I haven't met him in my entire life but why does it feels this way? Why am I finding out lots of commonalities between the two of us (and why am I making myself believe with... nah, never mind)?

I don't know if I'm making sense. Ganito lang talaga ako.

Your name is my name, your last name is a ballpen.
You're red, you're blue and I'll forever adore you.
Your face is much of a treasure, 'cause your hiding it with colors.
You're fast and I cannot take a glimpse of you 'cause I'm walking real slow.
I want to know you more but how can I do so... have the blood of a superhero.

Hachoo. That's why this is chapter whatever... A phase of my life that makes me say, "Whatever!!!"

Photo Credits to : Flickr