August 28, 2009

The New Guardians

Last night Cariss and I celebrated our first year of friendship at our all-time tambayan, Sazi's Espana (that was formerly known as Mayrics).

We spent the night with good good music with our new found friends (if that would be the best and most appropriate term to use), Ate Catherine, Emy, Madz (the best dinner mate ever!), Vince, Philip and Kuya Kiko. We also celebrated it with our almost Kuya, Kuya RJ. :)

Last year, I am admitting that I'm the one liable for all tantrums that Cariss went into. Hahaha! But I think this year would be the other way around. Salamat sa tantrums DD! :)

Admitting the truth, it would be a little hard for me to move on from something deeper than addiction, deeper than commitment. I was with another bunch of people for almost four years and I think it's a tidious process to just let go of the bond (and the BAND I used to bond with before). But no matter how hard it may be, I am happy that I am letting go of the grip - kahit pa isa-isang daliri lang muna. :) Thanks for giving me another direction, Cariss. This is an entirely new environment for me (although banda rin naman, same management pa) but I believe that my life indeed needs massive improvement! Baka this is one good way to do so. :)

Cheers for the one year of solid rock hard adventure, music, love, friendship and sisterhood. More years to come dd! :)


A YEAR AGO [o8.29.o9]:
Cariss, Kean, Me, Tatsi celebrating Michael Jackson's 50th Bday at MOA. :)

This year. Meet the new guardians:
Me, Philip, Cariss and Kuya Kiko at our over favorite tambayan, Sazi's :)