August 13, 2009

Short Circuit

Much more of a routine, I started my day at the shop with Paraluman's 911 (that's off their cd In Lab) while I set myself up for printing the shirt designs and threw them off the heat press and finish the orders for pick up this afternoon. So that is actually, the "ngaragan" time. Haha!

Then came two disastrous events:
1. Shop's main switch burned itself out. At hindi ko namalayan yun! While I'm working on with one of the shirts, all electrical supplies in the shop stopped working, even the lights turned off. Akala ko horror story. Haha! I even thought it was a black out in the area. But, obviously I'm wrong.

The electrician said, it's because the 30 something (I forgot the term for that black cartridge-like thing from the main switch box) of the main switch cannot accommodate the flow of the energy needed by the heat press that's why it burnt itself up. Haha.

Great! Despite the hotness and the darkness I experienced, at least nothing bad happened.

2. I'm torn. I want to use Naruto's Kagebunshin (if I spelled that one correctly) Technique so that I can make another me for Saturday. Haha! The whole thing was that, Steph, a friend way back Elementary got my number from someone (haha. that's a long story, don't mind it) and she wanted to order a couple shirt from me sana... that was the original reason of her communication re-establishment. But after some kamustahan, I told her that I'm sort of into photography and digital arts (and, damn great thing, I even let her see my newest edited pic! hahaha. Shame on me) and then she started to say, "Hey, want to come with me on Saturday sa The Fort... Let's just get pictures of the place." That was the original plan. And that was for morning. But after a day, she texted me and was so eager to go to The Fort by 8PM on Saturday hoping that she can be able to see her ultimate crush, Mark Nelson (com'on Steph, pilitin mo pa ko... so that I could see my ultimate crush too *blush blush*).

Now, here's the other thing... I was set to go to MOA on the same day (probably by the afternoon), for Pinoy Friendster Day. I even printed my pass already. Haha! Honestly, I really want to go there but it seems like my whole individuality is craving for something new. Nagsawa na ata sa buhay rockstar.

To quote someone, "I'm getting old and I need someone to rely on". But the catch is.. who and where would I meet that someone. At saka, OA lang. 20 lang kaya ako. Haha!

Oh, BTW, I had designed a shirt (but I won't be posting the real shirt muna). I dunno if I'm serious with what it says, but hell... I think I will be.. soon.

PS. I hate it.. I can't post pics. Hahaha! :)