August 14, 2009

Dear Emily

Happy weekends to all workaholics there! :)

I'm praying and hoping for a good sleep tonight but I think I'll fail to achieve that one (I have a rush shirt order for pick up tomorrow afternoon).

I dunno what to say. My mind's screaming for rest na kasi eh. Thanks to my ever reliable ipod... helping me to regain sanity (but the songs make me an emo). Haha!

NP: Emily (originally by Paraluman) - Kean's Version.

The sun has set and the gray sky fade in blue
Been wanting to say goodbye but it leads me back to you
And the rain starts to fall down
As I watch the stars crash into the night
I wish I could turn, turn back the hands of time

As I pick up all the pieces that you have left behind
My heart bleeds your smile and my soul starts to die

Now I'm screaming I'm shouting I can't hear a thing
My eyes burn and blister I can't feel the pain
I don't know why I'm here

LETTING GO IS THE MOST GRRRR PART OF BEING IN LOVE... makes us cry, it makes us feel stupid, it hurts us and most of all, it really kills (sob).