August 9, 2009

The Game

I was really upset this morning when mom woke me up 5am and told me to eat breakfast with my younger sib (will attend his class) and my dad (needs to report to work).

"Ang aga pa kaya." I told my mom then I covered my entire face with my pillow.

If my plans worked, I should be spending my after at SM Megamall and lurking about the latest with the comics scene (been a comic fanatic when I was young but the last one that I religiously read was Archie, Jughead and Betty & Veronica). I thought this might be one good way for me to remember my old goodie tweetum days while unwinding from the stress of putting up your own business. Whew! That's really STRESS.

Howevs, the plan failed (just wish I could go out and unwind tomorrow... I mean, later). Why? Because my mom told me that we need to go to Divisoria to get shirts and other stuffs from our suppliers so that I could post the designs in our online store by Monday morning. Aargh. I don't have a choice (sob).

We spent the whole day there, buying this and that. Really tiring (and now while I'm doing layouts, my head drops down by the table all by its self).

Well, what can I say? I chose this way of life. Instead of dealing with the field I should be in (which is Marketing & AdProm), I risked the so-called, "CAREER" for me to test my determination, passion and skills - that's why I put up my own business. Regrets do come once in a while but honestly, I don't want it to sink through my head. Haha! It may sound as a cliche but... IT'S MIND OVER MATTER, baby!

No matter how hard it is, I still need to fight. Ginusto ko 'to e (but of course, no matter how strong my will is, I still need to rest. I'm awake again for nearly 24 hours, again).

My mind is still making up great and new ideas and I still want to continue working on with the layouts, templates, costing computations, tarp designs but...

....tiredness conquered the game. I lose with a failing heart and a dumb mind. =(