August 17, 2009

Catching up

The second part (I told you, I really suck at blogging today).

It was like a month ago when I went out with my bandmates/friends/sisters (hindi nga lang kami kumpleto) and that was to celebrate my 20th. Well on the positive side, I should be grateful that we got to catch up with each other again - though not musically.

I started my day by walking around Power Plant Mall to lurk on somethings. IDK - my feet just brought me there. Then I left after taking my delayed breakfast. I was thinking twice on where I exactly want to go that afternoon (badly caught up with three mighty choices - making me real gaga!) - Fort, MOA or Magnet High Street (same, still The Fort).

4PM when I arrived at MOA (obviously, I picked it above the other options) and I waited for my friends. It was 5PM when Cariss arrived and then, we just stroll around. It was a real good afternoon 'cause there was nothing that I really know that day aside from the fact that I missed them so bad. Haha! Emo. :D

It was almost 7PM when Erin came. What's new? Vocalists always makes the crowd wait. Haha! And the bonus thing, she came in with her younger sib (so we have a baby that night).

Wala na. I can't think of anything na. Mentally-blocked. Go see my multiply for the whole pic stuff. Im off to sleep. x_x

i am really in love with my shirt. :)